Silostack 80

(Non Ionic Spray Adjuvant)

  • Silostack 80

Salient Features :-

 Enhances Spreading activity.
 Concentrate the Spray Droplets.
 Improves Penetration.
 Drift control agent.
 Compatibility agent.
 Reduces Spray cost.

Other Deatails :-

 Silostack 80% active ingredients.
 Silostack 80%Reduce the surface tension of spray solution droplets to the point that        they can spread and blend together to uniformly coat plant surfaces.
 Silostack 80%Helps pesticide spray solution droplets conver and adheres firmly to        plant surfaces and resist being washed off.
 Silostack 80% Helps in penetration of the spray solution even in the plant having        thick and waxy leaf surface.
 Silostack 80% is Provides excellent crop safety and tolerance allowing it to be used        on a wide range of crops and with a wide range of products with no adverse effects.
 Silostack 80%is no particle charge and hence dose not lonize in water, remains active        in the presence of agrochemical.
 Silostack 80%is non-corrosive to spray equipments.
 Silostack 80% is biodegradable.
 Silostack 80% is can be mixed with insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides Water soluble        Fertilizer, Plant Growth Regulators.
 Silostack 80% is Holds the spray droplets even in rain.