SOLIO (Soil Fertility Conditioner)

  • soil fertility conditioner

How to use :-

1) SOLIO can be used by mixing with any chemical fertilizer or Biofertilizer.
2) SOLIO can be give through drip-irrigation (100% water soluble).
3) SOLIO can be given by maxing in dry soil.

Dose :-

500 gm for 1 Acre to all crops.

Composition :-
Pottasium salt of Leonardite
Ascophyallum Nodusum Extract

: 85 % w/w
: 15 % w/w

: 100 %

Uses :-

SOLIO Increases soil fertility.
SOLIO Increase humus content.
SOLIO Increases soil micro flora.
SOLIO Increases microbial activity.
SOLIO Accelerate seed germination.
SOLIO Increases root and shoot growth.
SOLIO Improves soil texture & structure.
SOLIO It prevents the fruit split and cracks.
SOLIO Make available other major nutrients.
SOLIO Effectively chelates metals in the soil.
SOLIO Stimulates plant enzymes and hormones.
SOLIO Intensifies fruit color and increases the fruit weight.
SOLIO Breaks up unproductive clay soils and turns into productive soil.
SOLIO Reduces high salts in alkaline soils and the toxicity of pesticide residue.
SOLIO Ensures nutrients uptake and improves the physical and chemical qualities of soils.
SOLIO Prevents soil from contamination of heavy metallic ions and other harmful matters as well.
SOLIO Increases cation exchange capacity and the content of humus in soil, stimulates    biological activity.
SOLIO It is a fertilizer efficiency promoter. Greatly improves the utilization rate of nitrogen    fertilizer. Keeps 60% of nitrogen readily available and 40% as slow-release.
SOLIO is 100% water soluble product with high active potassium humates in its complex    which is produced from world’s highest quality leonardite sources.
SOLIO Enhances the resilience of crops against cold, drought, pest, disease and toppling    resistance. It is an organic chelating agent.