XONTREAT(Organic growth Enhancer & Bio Repulsive)

  • Organic growth Enhancer & Bio Repulsive

Product Details :-
Agriculture Mineral oil
Alkoloids of Ocimum Sactum
Fatty acid
Wetting agent
: 80 %
: 6 %
: 5 %
: 4 %
: 5 %

Mode of action :-

           Capitalizing on our skilled professionals and sound machining facility, we are offering highly effective products XONTRIX is a Plant Growth Enhancer. Our growth enhancer is suitable for the proper growth of plants including field crops, horticultural crops & fruit crops. XONTRIX are most frequently used to manage pest, insects & Disease also. However, XONTRIX can minimize the spread of Bacterial infection such as Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae) and viruses by controlling the insects that transmit them, namely aphids, whiteflies, and mites. Aphids transmit the viruses that cause many common landscape and garden diseases, , Cucumber mosaic virus, Potato virus Y (potyvirus), and Watermelon mosaic virus. Also, oils have also been found to control thrips — an important vector of Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) — and to reduce the spread of Tobacco mosaic virus by human and tool contact. XONTRIX effectively manage powdery mildew on many plants.
           The most important is that XONTRIX block the air holes (spiracles) through which insects breathe, causing them to die from asphyxiation. Also, the spread of oil through the respiratory pores and block the insects’ trachea which leads to insect death. XONTRIX create a thin layer on the insects’ eggs surface where it stops the gas exchanges. Cause of XONTRIX Dissolve the external waxy layer on the insect body causing dehydration.

Precautions :-

1.Always read and follow label instructions.
2. Cover all plant surfaces, especially the undersides of leaves and crevices of branches & stems where pests can hide. Avoid large spray droplet sizes by using proper equipment and spray pressure.
3.Do not apply in combination with sulfur or sulfur-containing pesticides.
4.Do not use before or after 6 days of chemical based Fungicides or pesticides spray.

Uses :-

 XONTRIX gave phytotonic effect to all agricultural and horticultural crops.
 XONTRIX developed the color of the fruit, and it enhanced the average weight of the        fruits Also, it didn’t affect the percentage of total soluble solids of the fruits.
 XONTRIX is very effectively control flower dropping as well fruit dropping.
 XONTRIX increased the thickness of midrib region and also increased the shoot        diameter and the vascular cylinder thickness.
 XONTRIX is effective, safe and economic without resistance problems developed by         pests.
 XONTRIX is very effective to preventive use against fungal, bacterial & viral diseases.
 XONTRIX spray is gave excellent results against scale insects, mealybugs, mites and         aphids.
 XONTRIX repelled the whiteflies for up to 5 days and the numbers of their eggs were        significantly reduced on treated leaves.
 XONTRIX have low toxicity to many organisms, including parasitoids and predators of        whiteflies and therefore could be considered “biorational”.

Application :-

1.Spray 2ml / 1 lit of water after plantation to every 15-20 day’s intervals up to        harvesting for all vegetables and seasonal crops.
2.Spray 2ml/1 lit of water after bahar treatment to every 15 days of interval up to        harvesting for fruit crops.
3.It may used for Drenching purpose with 1ml / liter of water or 1 litter used for acre        area through drip irrigation.

How to use :-

1.Shake well before use.
2. Mix with half quantity of water for proper mixing then added remaining quantity of water.
3. Stir well before use.
4. Wash spray pump with warm water before XONTRIX used.
Apply XONTRIX spray in preferably evening time.