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  • Genix

Product Details :-
       Genix is unique extract derived from pyrethrum, rotenone, neem oil, and various essential oils are naturally occurring Indian herb origin by proprietary fermentation process. The various alkaloids and secondary metabolites released by this process are very effective for control (or monitor in the case of pheromones) pests, Insect and microbial diseases of crops like tomato, chilli, Brinjal, Okra, Melons and all leafy vegetables. Fruit crops like Pomegranate, grapes, Organge. Floriculture crops like Rose, Gerbera, and Chrysanthemum etc. It is very effective against sucking pest like Thrips, Mites, White fly, Aphids, Jassids, Leaf minor and Leaf Webber etc. And also suppress preliminary infection of larvae from the Insect family of coleopteran, diptera, Hemiptera, Lepidoptera & orthoptera family insects.
       GENIX being botanical extract ,is non hazardous to environment, non toxic for higher animals and as such is an ideal input in organic farming.

Mode of action :-

GENIX works as an antifeedant & works on hormonal system of insect pests thereby immobilizing them.

Application :-

Spray GENIX when the infestation is seen which can cause an economic damage to the crops at an interval of 15 days. Dilute 2ml or GENIX per Liter of clean water (i.e.300 to 400 ml. in 200 liters of water).Mix thoroughly and spray on both side of the foliage.

Compatibility :-

GENIX is compatible with almost all used any pesticides & bio pesticide. Still we strongly recommend checking compatibility before mixing other compounds.

Safety :-

Though botanical extract, GENIX should be kept out reach of children food & feed.

Disclaimer :-

GENIX is not claimed to be conventional pesticide / Acaricide, Maximum Residue limits study is not available for the product.

Ingredients :-
Millettia Pinnata
Azardica indica
Ocimum tenaiflorum
Aloe barbadensis
Adjuvant & Solvent
Filler Material

: 10 %
: 10 %
: 5 %
: 5 %
: 3 %
: 4 %
: 63 %

: 100 %