ORGOPHOS (fungi Biostatics)

  • Interfluent Tactile Fungicide

Product Details :-
P as P2O5
K as K2O

:24% w/v
: 16% w/v

Mode of action :-

           Potassium Phosphite (Potassium Salt of Phosphorous Acid/ Potassium Phosphonate) is a innovative fungi static formulation systemic in action based on the group of potassium phosphite which enables plant to overcome several fungal infections by enhancing natural immune system.
           It is absorbed by plants and incorporated into cells as phosphite ions. Theses phosphite ions have direct antifungal effect on plant pathogens. These ions are very much effective in controlling diseases caused by group of fungi known as oomycetes including phytophthora. Plasmopara, Pythium and other fungi.

Precautions :-

Spray Orgophos 4000 SL preferably at evening in high Humidity & low temperature conditions.

Uses :-

Orgophos 4000 SL eradicates organisms causing Downy mildew and phytopthora in the plant system.
1. Orgophos 4000 SL can be used as bio stimulant to develop internal resistance against Oomycetes fungi.
2. Orgophos 4000 SL being systemic in action ensures transfer absorption.
3. Orgophos 4000 SL degraded product can be used by the plants as nutrients.
4. Orgophos 4000 SL leaves no residue in the crop.
5. Orgophos 4000 SL is ecologically safe and environmental friendly.
6. Orgophos 4000 SL a water soluble formulation based on potassium salt of phosphorus acid.
7. Orgophos 4000 SL a product having systemic action working as a disease suppressor with protective & curative actions.
8. Orgophos 4000 SL very popular on grape, pomegranate, tomato, chili, potato, brinjal.
9. Orgophos 4000 SL very effective on cotton, soybean, all fruits crops, vegetable and ornamental crops.
10. Orgophos 4000 SL based on an inorganic source of plant nutrient & well suited for foliar application & soil drench.

Application :-

How to use :-

1. 2 ml / liter for all types of agricultural and vegetable & fruit crops.
2.600 ml/ acre after pruning when buds have sprouted in case of grape.
3.Composition: Salt of Phosphonic Acid With added metalo chelates to enhance bioefficacy
4.Shake well before use.