Proamisol 5 in 1 Booster

  • Proamisol 5 in 1 Booster

Mode of Action :-
                              Capitalizing on our skilled professionals and sound machining facility, we are offering highly effective products Proamisol is a Plant Growth Enhancer. Proamisol contain five most important plant nutrient and soil fertility factor in one product which is potassium salt of leonardite, Laminaria digitata (sea weed extract ), Folic acid, Fulvic acid and amino acid which are play an important role in all types of agriculture, horticulture and fruit crops from Sowing to harvesting stage in different metabolic activity that is Photosynthesis, Respiration, Synthesis of Hormone & Nutrient absorption etc.

Uses :-
• It increases the holding capacity or retention ability of the soil for holding water. It increases the efficacy of fertilizer, by preventing excessive leaching away from the root zone and ultimately releasing it to the root zone as needed. It helps to reduce soil erosion by increasing cohesive forces of very fine soil particles. It changes the physical and mechanical properties of the soil in structure, color, consistency, and moisture holding capacity to a very great degree as the organic matter increases.
• It increases the permeability of plant membranes, enhancing the uptake of nutrients more efficiently. It improves the soil environment to it’s optimum, which is needed for the uninterrupted growth of various groups of beneficial micro-organisms.
• Absorption & assimilation etc.Being systemic in action gets absorbed in the plant system & helps overall growth & development of the crop.
• In case when the nutrients in plant are immobile, are transported to the site of requirement. This helps in utilisation of stored nutrients.
• In plant cells the play a key role in the methylation cycle and in the DNA biosynthesis cycle (in the de novobiosynthesis of purines and pyrimidines).
• It can readily enter plant roots, stems, and leaves. As they enter these plant parts they carry trace minerals from plant surfaces into plant tissues. It can be used as a primary production technique for maximizing the plants productive capacity. It most effective carbon containing chelating compounds known. They are plant compatible, thus non toxic, when applied at relatively low concentrations.

Precautions :-
1. Always read and follow label instructions.
2. Cover all plant surfaces, especially the undersides of leaves and crevices of branches and stems where pests can hide. Avoid large spray droplet sizes by using proper equipment and spray pressure.
3. Spray preferably at evening / morning time only.

Application :-
1. Spray 1 ml / 1 lit of water from sowing to harvesting at different growth stages of plant (root initiation, tiller initiation, shoot development, flowering, fruit setting, fruit Size) for all vegetables and seasonal crops.
2. Spray 1ml/1 lit of water after bahar treatment to every 15 days of interval up to      harvesting for all fruit crops.

How to use :-

1. Shake well before use.
2. Mix with half quantity of water for proper mixing then added remaining quantity of water.
3. Stir well before use.
4. Wash spray pump with warm water before used.

Ingredients :-
Amino Acids
Laminaria digitata extract
Potassium salt of leonardite
Fulvic acid
Folic acid
Adjuvant & Solvent

: 30 %
: 5 %
: 5 %
: 5 %
: 1 %
: 54 %

: 100 %