CANOZA MICRON (A yield Enhancer)

(Complete Nutrition for Plant Growth and Development)

  • CANOZA MICRON (A yield Enhancer)

Mode of action :-
This is source of organic nitrogen, the amino acids when absorbed helps in stimulating metabolic activation, going on in the plant system. Like photosynthesis, respiration, nutrient Absorption & assimilation etc.Being systemic in action gets absorbed in the plant system & helps overall growth & development of the crop. In case when the nutrients in plant are immobile, are transported to the site of requirement. This helps in utilisation of stored nutrients.

• Provides Organic Nitrogen quick & easy absorption by the crop.
• Play an active role in respiratory function.
• Helps to overcome stress conditions.
• Helps to boost up energy metabolism in the plant.
• Provides easily assimiable source of nutrition.
• Helps in pollination & fruit formation.
• Helps to activate phytohormones & other growth substances in the crop.
• Increases chlorophyil concentration & boost the photosynthetic activity.
• Is useful to maximize growth.
• Eco friendly.

Dosage & Time of Application :-

Dissolve 250 gm of Escalator Power in 200 litre of clean water.

Foliar Spray :-

• First spray -- peak vegetative growth.
• Second spray – At the time of flowering.
• Third spray – At the time of fruit development.

Soil application :-

• Through drip irrigation 500 gm per acre.
Note:-Don’t mix with copper & sulphur compounds.

Note :-

Don’t mix with copper & sulphur compounds.

Compatibility :-

Compatible with most insecticide & fungicides, except those with alkaline reaction.