PRONIX (Development purpose)

  • Organic growth Enhancer

Product Details :-
Additives & dilutants
: 30% w/v.
: 70% w/v

Mode of action :-

           This is source of organic nitrogen, the amino acids when absorbed helps in stimulating metabolic activation, going on in the plant system. Like photosynthesis, respiration,nutrient Absorption & assimilation ect. Being systemic in action gets absorbed in the plant system & helps overall growth & development of the crop. In case when the nutrients in plant are immobile, are transported to the site of requirement.This helps in utilization of stored nutrients

Precautions :-

1. Do not mix with sulphate based and phosphate based micronutrient.
2. Do not mix with thos pesticides in which phosphate buffer are used.

Effects On:-

1.We analysed the need of amino acids for the plant and prepare highly technical "PRONIX' product for the growth requirements of the plant. It can used to every seasonal , vegetable & ornamental crop for their through out life cycle.
2.In case of fruits crop it can used from rest period for better cane , root and stem development through biocatalized Plants synthesize "PRONIX' from the primary elements, the Carbon and Oxygen obtained from air, Hydrogen from water in the soil, forming Carbon Carbon Hydrate by means of photosynthesis and combining it with the Nitrogen with the plants obtain from the soil, leading to synthesis of "PRONIX', by collateral metabolic pathways.
3.Only L- Amino acid are part of these proteins and have metabolic activity. The requirement of "PRONIX' in essential quantities is well known as a means to increase yield and overall quality of crops.

Application :-

"PRONIX' you can used from rest period to harvesting in case fruits crop and in case of vegetable, seasonal crop "PRONIX' can be used from plantation to harvesting by spraying & Drenching.
1.Spray 2ml/ 1 lit of water in rest period after every 8-15 days to commercial fruit tree like Pomegranate, Grapes, Organge, Apple, Lemon etc.
2.Spray 2 ml / 1 lit of water after plantation to every 20 day's intervals up to harvesting for all vegetables and seasonal crops.
3.Spray 2ml/1 lit of water after bahar treatment to every 15 days of interval up to harvesting for fruit crops.
4.Use 2ml/ liter for drenching purposrd or use 1.5 liter / 200 liter of water per acre through drip irrigation.

How to use :-

1.Shake well before use.
2.Mix with half quantity of water for proper mixing then added remaining quantity of water.
3.Stir well before use.
4.Wash spray pump with warm water before "PRONIX' used.
5.Apply COMBIINE spray in preferably evening / morning time.